Fotona 4D

The Fotona 4D® Laser Lift represents an exceptional non-surgical solution designed to effectively target prevalent skin concerns shared by both men and women. It offers remarkable outcomes in areas like skin tightening, collagen production, and texture enhancement. This innovative approach combines four groundbreaking treatments, working harmoniously to achieve remarkably rejuvenated and radiant skin. Say hello to your best-looking skin ever!


  • Non-Invasive and works on all skin types
  • Very safe with minimal downtime
  • Full face rejuvenation in just one session

What to Expect


80 minutes

Recommended Sessions:

2 treatments spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart with maintenance as desired

After Treatment Care:

Wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the sensation is warm but not painful at all.

The tissue density for most clients in the buccal and jowl area is quite thick therefore heating from the inside (SmoothLiftin™ Mode) and the outside (Piano™ Mode), addresses the tissue from both sides ensuring greater results.

As the clinical technician can adjust the energy settings, she can choose the scale of approximate downtime factoring in your social calendar and your desired results.

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