Body Coutouring

Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape and improve the appearance of the body by removing excess fat and tightening sagging skin. The specific techniques and procedures used in body contouring can vary depending on the individual’s goals and the areas of the body being treated, but they generally involve the following principles:

1. Assessment and Consultation

2. Liposuction

3. Skin Tightening

4. Non-Surgical Options

5. Recovery and Results


  • More defined, well-shaped body parts.
  • Younger, thinner appearance.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Symptomatic improvement.
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At EverGreen Cosmetics, we understand that your skin is unique and deserves specialized care. That's why we offer non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation treatments tailored to meet your specific needs. Our approach focuses on nurturing your skin with the utmost kindness.

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to helping you achieve a natural, radiant glow. With our non-invasive treatments, you can expect to leave our clinic feeling refreshed, revitalized, and truly confident in your own skin. We take pride in being the trusted choice for skincare in Canada.

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